Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enjoy it

There are a few moments in a day when I really feel like a Momma, my favorite times that I can just sit back and enjoy it. 

One of them is when I creep into my little tots bedroom early in the morning before school and I get the joy of seeing them so peacefully sleeping. It always reminds me of when they were tiny babies and would fall asleep in my arms. I am not a huge fan of Cash jumping into bed with me at 3am with his school bus and zooming it all over the bed for an hour until he can get back to sleep. But even that makes me laugh a little when I wake up,soak in my environment before sliding out of bed for work and I get to see Cash cuddling his Momma and his school bus.
I am also thoroughly delighted when the kids enthusiastically ask to go in the backyard to find any peas or blueberries they can eat off the bush. We can't seem to grow either food fast enough for their eager little appetites. 

Update on the kitchen:
Remember this wall we made a hole in to have a breakfast bar?
Well now that the kitchen is a darker color as well as the living room... I decided to brighten up the playroom/formal dining. They painted it yesterday, it is super bright now and I love it! Pictures to follow
As for the kitchen, the contractor did a walk through last night and announced that we have about a days worth of work left (fingers crossed) We are waiting on the tiles for the ceiling they should be in today or tomorrow!

Side note:

Keith and I decided to make bucket lists....What would you put on yours? I am going to ask all the kids the same questions. Answers to follow soon enough.

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