Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally a Charleston post

The last weekend of March we took to the skies to see Jack and Sam. We woke early stopped in at the Chiropractor for a pre flight adjustment, grabbed a bag full of kolaches for Lynsae and Nathan...being a Texan you must miss kolaches when out of state! We flew all day, we took off at 1pm to arrive in Miami for a  layover. In Miami we were able to stop in for a great Cuban meal and then make our way out to the far end of the airport where we boarded our teeny tiny plane that then hopped us over to South Carolina.
Taking in Charleston as we landed.
When we arrived we were greeted by Nathan who was determined to feed us well. It was a nice way to end a busy day, with everything he whipped up for us and Lynsae and Nathan finally getting their hands on a few kolaches. 
We promptly fell asleep during a movie.
Which was okay because early in the morning we woke to go see Mr Jackson play soccer, he did really well. 
We were all impressed.
Except Sam...because...well..that's his brother, how impressive can your sibling be.

So we kicked our shoes off and kicked the ball between the four of us ----> see the kid behind me..he kicked too...made 4 while Jack was supporting his team. The cool damp grass felt refreshing under our feet with the warm sun baking the tops of them.
I think they look like Koala's here, what do you think?

Sam isn't so great at convincing me he's having a bad time.
We also had a chance to hit up the Flowertown festival with Lynsae, Nathan and Cody. We stopped in for Greek and then made our way through the festival. It was fun...until it started raining.  And because it was my birthday I decided I wanted frozen yogurt...... before dinner! 

So....that's what we did 

More on the rest of our trip coming soon!

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