Monday, April 9, 2012

This weekend was spent driving out to the city of Bastrop, which is  wonderfully charming. I absolutely loved their historical district and river walk. We were able to drive around the hill country and just sight see and I didn't get car sick once. (major accomplishment for me)

We spent the remainder of our weekend washing as many dishes as we could. I don't generally use the dish washer, but I was prepared to this weekend since every dish in the house is now either covered in dry wall dust or paint. This weekend however the power outlet that supplies the dishwasher decided to go I had to wash them by hand anyway. Keith and I had a nice wash and dry assembly line between the two of us occasionally taking breaks to work on the garden and run errands. 

Here is the latest on our butterfly/herb garden(remember when we created it?) about half of the flowers are blooming at the moment and all of our herbs are booming. I am excited to see the entire bed in full bloom. We were also able to munch on a few fresh homegrown blueberries while we pulled weeds from our veggie beds. We are having luck with potatoes, cucumber, tomatillos, peppers, alliums, peas, beans, pumpkin, okra, and even the broccoli is still hanging on....but our tomatoes? Nothin'...I don't think they have even grown an inch since being put in the ground. It has me a little puzzled, in previous years tomatoes seemed to be the stars of the garden

And maybe the best moment of the weekend...

We were able to cook! A little disabled until all of the cooking utensils have been washed and put in their places, but use the stove we did!

Over the bar lights put in on Friday, they look better in person.
The tiles have been grouted and the new sink hardware installed.  The new faucet kind of works like a joystick, right to turn on forward for cold, and back for hot, it has been an interesting adjustment.

We are officially in the home stretch! I have my fingers crossed that it will be complete this week!

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