Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Counter tops!

Last night we left Charleston, scheduled to land in Dallas and connect to Houston arriving at 10pm. Due to the weather in Dallas we were able to catch a direct flight to Houston and make it home 3 hours earlier. Three hours earlier meant we were able to survey the kitchen, water the plants, and go grocery shopping. Three extra hours did not however prevent me from being a little sleepy today. 
  Keith standing at the new breakfast bar. Still no water, stove or oven. But I expect it to all be back shortly. Still need back splash, hardware, cabinet in the pantry, ceiling tiles, lights, and floor tiles.

Back from Charleston but left most of the pictures on Keith's camera. So for now you get to see the fantastic Cuban meal we had during our lay over in Miami on Friday, how happy that made me. Now if I could manage the same exact meal for lunch today...

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