Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Charleston-Angel Oak

On Sunday we celebrated Jack's birthday, but because there wasn't enough time the day before we did the the 2nd of two things I wished for for my birthday. 
1. Frozen Yogurt
2. See the Angel Oak.
Remember I told you we took a ton of pictures?

Well here they are
I thought this knot looked like a dragons eye
Singing under the tree. 
I am still blown away by the girth of the tree.
There were little green caterpillars everywhere
After a while we started bringing them leaves to eat or picking them up and putting them on leaves, here we were watching one eat. I know it sounds about as exciting as watching paint peel but it really was pretty neat to see how fast they can chomp away at a leaf.

Eventually we left the tree and had our shrimp and grits followed by many many rounds of bananagrams and Chinese checkers.
We celebrated the rest of our birthdays with brownies and bowling for Jack(I am so glad they had bumpers...for my sake) and mini golf and frozen yogurt for Sam. 
I'd say it was a delightful 5 day weekend.

The end

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