Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday morning

Thank goodness for Fridays, this has been a long week, hence no blogging. I have a figure on the kitchen repair and a potential start date. After bringing me a ton of ideas and a plethora of paint swatches for cabinets and walls I can not decide at all. Cabinets, back splash, wall color, counter top do people do this, especially with black and avocado green appliances. Yes that's right, I refuse to get rid of my super sweet avocado green stove tops and possibly the matching sink. So this is what I will be doing this weekend, pondering colors. 
Cuddly child Cash likes to dive into bed with me usually 45 minutes before we need to wake up for school and work. This is his only child time. We usually nap together for a short period, then he snoozes until I am done getting ready. Last night however he dove into bed sometime before midnight, had I known it was so early I would have put him back to bed, but habit tricked me. So at 3 am I woke up to feet in my face. 
I am not very good in paint but this is what it looked like. 
He's not that round in real life, and my butt isn't that triangle, but he does sleep sprawled out like that and his feet were for sure on my pillow.
Interesting how much room they take up isn't it?

So a long week is rounded off by a long night of restless feet in the face sleep. I did get to start the day off with an extremely windy morning which always makes me happy. I look forward to the following weeks as the kitchen is fixed (4-6 weeks)and we get closer and closer to Yuliya's 5th birthday(less than a month). 

P.S. Remember the cranes I made last year? A thousand of them. Literally. Well I hung about as many as I could in the house, I find them magical and would like to share. So let me know if you would like some, email me and your address and I will be sure to send a string your way. 

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  1. Your posts are hilarious. You and the kids are so cute.



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