Thursday, September 30, 2010


In no particular order

Yuliya's thoughts on when she cant see the moon "it's taking a nap, its staying home sick from the sky so her can eat pancakes"

Me: "Whats your name?"
Y: Luliya George
Me:"What's my name?"
Y: "Mommy George"
Me: "Whats daddy's name?"
Y: "Daddy George"
Me: "and cash"
Y: "Cashy-ah George" (like yuliya, but cashya)

August 31-
today when i picked y up from school, she said "I'm hungry, I want candy", i said "candy isnt food baby, its just a bunch of free radicals, and its bad for your body" y then replies (very bossy and matter of factly) "Its good in my mouth!"August 29th-After finishing her cereal y promptly asked for broccoli?

august 10th-
"Momma, babies don't go to the dentist, only big girls. Cashy can't go because he a baby. I go, I'm a big girln momma go, you a big girl, daddy go, he big girl. Cashy can't go."

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