Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rivers of smores

While in San Antonio we took a trip to the river for some tubing.  Keith has had his heart set on this all summer, but I half expected at least one if not all four of the children to back out.
We gave them the option, stay and play on the playground or go tubing.
It was unanimous everyone wanted to go tubing.
We could save the playground for afterward.
 This actually surprised me a little since my ever cautious child, Yuliya…you know the one that, until the age of 2 hesitated at cracks in the side walk before making a gigantic side step over them wanted to go tubing.
But the girl was adamant.
So we rented our tubes, we bought our floaties, filled them with air, safely stowed our keys and shoes, and set off for the river. As we descended the stairs to plop our floats in the water Yuliya suddenly realized what she had agreed to and no longer wanted to go in her own tube. Sam, Yuliya, and yours truly all had tubes with bottoms though so we decided she was alright on her own.  Cash sat in my lap as we lazily drifted with the current occasionally needing to paddle so we wouldn’t bump a floating log or two. We went in groups with our tubes tethered together and had a great time. While Sam was drenched head to toe from flipping his tube(attempting to get an angry bird toy in the water and effectively almost drowning Uncle Scott) Yuliya, Cash and myself all remained dry as a bone. It wasn’t until the very end after handing off all of the children and attempting to evacuate the river myself that I missed the step and fell in up to my neck!
Figures...grace has never been my strong suit.

 We gave the children the option to go again or play, the 5 year olds chose play, Cash was ready ready ready for more river action and jack was content to do either activity.

Being back home in Houston Sam says he is eager to go again as is Cash, Yuliya is now unyielding in her choice to avoid the river any time in the near future.

Later that night Papa D made us an amazing Chilean Sea Bass for dinner while Keith and I made smores over the grill for the children...Only we tweaked the recipe a little (thanks to pinterest)with snicker doodle cookies we had made the night before as a replacement for the graham cracker. I now believe that a smore was never in fact intended to join forces with a graham cracker at all, it was always the snicker doodle.  That night, in that yard, next to a remarkably tasty fish, a truly extraordinary smore transpired.
But the sun was in his eyes so I had him turn

Now the sun was on his smore...hold it up please!

Does it look like he's struggling not to eat it? They smelled so yummy.

The kids agree.

Except Cash, he just wanted the bar of chocolate…hold the marshmallow and cookies.

Note: No pictures of Sam with a smore, it was in his belly before the camera shutters could snap.

Did I mention the Sea Bass was amazing? 
Because it really was :)

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