Monday, July 2, 2012

I could become a soccer fan

We went to a Dynamo game on Saturday.

It was a blast!

It rained all day Saturday right up until we walked into the stadium, pouring on us for a few minutes on our walk. Walking in the rain is delightful during these hot summer days and no one seemed to mind.

It was truly enjoyable to slowly dry off in the warm summer night breeze watching the dynamo kick tail.  We really could not have asked for better weather. The clouds were beautifully gliding across the sky as the sun was setting creating an amazing backdrop to the open stadium seating. 
The game itself was much more high adrenaline than I anticipated and the band fed into it. I walked away thinking...."when is the next home game??"

On our walk back to the car we stopped off at the hills on the side of the stadium and rolled down at an uncountable amount.
 Every time I did this it took me a minute to balance myself again unlike the boys who could go from rolling to running back up the hill in less than 2 seconds. Jack told me "Close your eyes, it helps"
It must be something you outgrow....

And that's two more things off of our Summer list!

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