Friday, July 13, 2012

Blue bells

As our stay in San Antonio ended we packed up the car again, this time with one more person (mimi)and headed back.

Just one more detour planned before we could get home....Blue Bell!
(I have been waiting to do this all summer!)

Unfortunately Yuliya inherited my propensity to become ill in the car. So we had to pull over a few times so she wouldn't be sick in the car. She was as white as a ghost and I felt for her knowing the never ending nauseousness that is attached to car sickness. But soon a dose of Cash's trusty crackers cured her and she was ready for ice cream again.

She looks to be feeling a lot better doesn't she?

We were able to show up and take the tour pretty much immediately. I thought it was very fascinating seeing all of the working parts, ice cream being made and put in tubs, Popsicle being dipped, ect. I loved every part of the tour and I think the kids did too.
At least I know they loved the end where they each had a free scoop of ice cream :)
Look at the excitement

The classic Blue Bell delivery truck(the children desperately wanted to drive it)
Blue Bells! The company was named after this flower!

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