Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Great Princess Debate

This is actually an alarmingly common subject in my household.

Yuliya and I frequently talk which princess is our favorite and why. (pretty deep huh?)

All of the story princesses inspire by showing bravery throughout their stories which I love.

But we still have our favorites...

Yuliya is pretty firm that Ariel and Rapunzel are her favorites. While Belle(Beauty) is mine.

Both of Yuliya's picks happen to have these things in common
  • A secret talent that only their families know about.  
  • Outgoing, eager personalities
  • Creative
  • And very stubborn.
(Yuliya can relate to most of the above, although I am not sure about the hidden talent yet)

 Defying their parents in search of a world they have only seen from afar, daring to give up comfort, family and possibly themselves to venture into the new world to find something better. They are full of hope, adventure, drive and down right stubbornness. Where they differ is, Rapunzel falls in love with a reformed (maybe) thief, while Ariel falls for a prince that she happened upon...pretty convenient Ariel.....
 In the end they both sacrifice to be with the person they love. 

Belle on the other hand  is an utter a nerd with no talents to speak of other than reading. Growing up I always related to her need to have her nose in a book at all times.
(Seriously when they came out with A.R. points I was elated...I get to read AND receive prizes for it?!)

She happens to be this stunningly beautiful girl despite her plain could-be mousey features and unassuming personality.
(Ariel and Rapunzel are beautiful too, but with more exotic features)

Belle is oblivious with most things, not to mention extremely clumsy. She is nice to everyone, even the somewhat stuck up clock. She unconditionally cares about her family, learning, and doing the right thing. She even shuns the town "hot guy" and a life of leisure because is motivated by honest work and love.
In dress she is far more modest than Ariel (bonus)
She sacrifices her freedom for her father's and falls in love with a man despite him being a massive fur ball with a spicy temper. In the end she is rewarded for her kind heart and sacrifices. Not to mention gains access to a dream sized personal library.

That being said, I do always wonder..

Will her princesses stay the same?

How will she relate to them as she gets older?
Using Momma's Hula Hoop as a tea room.

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