Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Count down

I may have mentioned before that Yuliya is a little excited about going to school this year. 
Being a kindergartener! 
Most thoughts on her ever expanding mind consist of princesses and kindergarten lately. 
Last weekend we set out to find her a backpack. After a good half hour in the back to school section she was able to walk away with the first place winner and we decided we would get a neat zipper pull to go along with it since she was oh so accomodating by picking a jansport(lifetime warranty! woot!) Poor Cash the entire time wanting to pick out his backpack and school supplies too. This kid, when you ask him how old he is will tell you "five." He desperately wishes he could go to school with his big sister and do all the big kid things she gets to do.

   Fast forward to Monday where she is frantically running around telling me what we need to put in her backpack. "Banana, crackers, granola bars, a sandwich, cheese....wait no not cheese it will go bad. Mom there's only one banana left, please hide it so no one eats it. I need it for the first day of school. Please make sure no one else eats it. "
I keep trying to stress that school is still a month away. We wont be there until the end of August....there's just no stopping the excitement.

So today we made a First Day of School paper chain.
(taller than myself)

The idea being she can rip off one link everyday until the first day of school. Hopefully this will help with the concept of a month. All I have to say is I am glad I didn't think of this when we had three months to go! It would have wrapped around the living room.

Now time to shop for cardigans!

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