Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Antonio again

Believe it or not we did more while in San Antonio

We tried to spend most of our days out of the house only returning for dinner, relaxing, playing in the yard and sleep. We were successful most days.

One day we even went to the snake farm. Where we were able to tour the indoor facilities to check out all of the snakes. Rooms and rooms full of snakes all side by side.  So many of them venomous as well....Yikes!
I had a hard time watching this adorable little mouse clean himself up for a big date to be eaten.
So eventually we made our way outdoors to see the wildlife.
Dreamy Mr. despite the glasses :)
This little critter looked to be baking in the afternoon heat and hardly bothered about it at all.

And then there was the petting zoo, where Sam promptly lost his bag off feed to a bandit goat. Who simply grabbed the bag out of Sam's hand and struggled with him in a tug of war until the bag burst open and his feed was at his feet for him to devour in triumph.
 As soon as Cash was witness to this his arms shot up in the air and he started carrying his bag of feed above his head. (the way soldier trained him to do as a baby to keep from having snacks taken by the dog) He told me " I don't want to feed that bad goat, he's bad!"
Check out how often you see him with his bag above his head

Finally when everyone had exhausted their rationed feed bags(or bandit goat had taken it) we looked around and saw Cash with his bag still above his head, still completely full.
We found this little tiny pig Collin was petting and we watched as people tried to feed the baby and his momma knocked him out of the way so she could eat his food.(not very motherly if you ask me) So we lured the tiny pig into the far corner and dumped Cash's entire bag at his tiny little hoofed feet.
I think he was a happy pig :)

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