Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bunk beds!

So we bought the bunkbeds from our across the street neighbor today. Broke it down at their house and then set it back up in the kids room. Both kids were very excited about it, cash had his cars zooming across the frame and Yuliya wanted to practice getting on the top bunk, even though she didn't want to sleep there. As I put them to bed it was great, every now and then when Cash is really tired he can't calm down enough to just fall asleep on his own, so I end up laying with him for a few minutes until he's heavy eyed. Laying in a twin bed is so much better than curling up in his toddler bed with him. Since Yuliya was too afraid to sleep on the top bunk I set them up sleeping head to toe on the bottom bunk, but after about 20 min she let me know that she would prefer to sleep on the top. I'm interested to see how she gets down in the morning. Usually in the morning she tries to wake up before us and get Cash to break into the pantry with her. This morning it was 4:30am! But I've discovered without his sister there to lead the way and turn on lights for him, cash will go back to bed until I come wake them up.  Sorry about the picture quality again, apparently it is something with my camera.... :\

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Happy they got their bunk beds! They are growing up fast. Can't wait to see you all in May. Love Mom



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