Monday, May 16, 2011

Meanest mommy

 So yesterday I trapped what I googled and decided was a brown recluse. Trapped him underneath a glass candle. Immediately upon doing it I had the heebie jeebies so I couldn't commit to taking him on a car ride with me to let free in the park, and killing him was just out of the question.(maybe I could get someone else to do it) So I left him to sit under this candle over night, to sit and think about what he had done, growing eight legs and a large bulb body and then popping out of the closet right as I put my hand on the towel it was under! I never hold a grudge once I go to sleep, now this is both a curse and a blessing in daily life, but especially so for my trapped 8 legged armed  intruder.
This morning I turned my faithful attack roomba on before work, forgetting that I was holding a brown recluse prisoner in my bathroom. About halfway through the day I remembered that 8 legged beast and that my clumsy roomba probably released it to roam wild(or crawl in my mouth while I sleep). But good/bad news I came home to a completely legless dead, still brown but no longer a recluse. I am sorry spider, I meant to set you free, but thank you roomba,I can sleep well knowing my finger won't rot off from a spider bite.

 Here are pics of cash throwing a fit because I am the meanest mommy of all the mommies for not letting him eat pink and white animal cookies for dinner.

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