Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stinky Boys

So I realized a few things this weekend.

Diapers: Fanny pack? Wallet? Wait why dont these things have pockets???
On Saturday morning Cash found a penny and promptly put it in his mouth, to which I responded with my best mommy "I don't think so Mr." look. So the gentleman took it out of his mouth and tucked it safely in the front of his diaper..... that just happens once right? Uh uh, later after naptime, he was the first to wake up, so in our private only child time he was feeding me pickles(fake ones), so I took my bite, he took  his bite, then safely tucked his plastic pickles in the front of his diaper and took off to color me a picture...sweet boy.

 Stinky boys:  I have this theory that boys are just naturally stinkier than girls, it's their cross to bear, sorry guys. Yuliya is picking up on quite a lot, including my stinky boy theory. Today she told him at least 5 times that he was a "STINKY BOY!" (which is what I usually say if he is rejecting bathtime) She used it in more of a "no boys allowed" context.

Her Mother's Child:
So a very Megan/momma thing to say is "don't worry about it" that's my typical response, and especially to my children whom I am trying to break of tattling.  Today we were watching Tangled, the new Rapunzel movie. There is a part in the film where Flynn and the horse, Maximus are falling off of a cliff and Yuliya says, "don't worry about it, Don't worry about it! (turns to me) Right momma?" To which I laughed and said, "yes, don't worry about it :) everything happens for a reason"


Cash ended up so comfortable on the slide that he decided to start walking up it, typical rebel boy! Not even 2 yet!

 We went to the park for a little bit today, my cautious children usually aren't fans of slides but today they really took to them :) here's some pics and video

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