Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ace of Base

Years ago when I was in grade school (2nd grade to be exact) I had this gym teacher who played "Rockin' Robin" every morning as all of us kids somewhat line danced to it. These days the only step I can seem to remember is doing a mime swimming motion at some point in the song. It was slightly embarrassing when I was the new kid and had to watch everyone else in class to pick up the moves. But some how I survived. Now once a day was fine, it wasn't my favorite song, but it wasn't enough to wear me out. 

Let us visit 4th grade. 
Remember that song The Sign by Ace of Base? 
I remember liking this song when it first hit radio. Shortly after, we acquired a new "young" gym teacher who also must have liked it. We listened to this song everyday during gym class for the entire 50 minutes....over and over and over again. This was just in my class, I imagine this went on all day for every grade level. Dodge ball, jumping jacks, jump rope for heart, we saw the sign during all of it.

Just as I did this morning when I heard it (and every time for 18 years), I can't help but think of that 4th grade gym class. Thankfully nothing terribly humiliating is linked to those memories, just the song playing on repeat and how much it must have grated on the assistant gym teachers. 

Credit to the folks that make life long impressions, no matter how eccentric the print is. 

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