Monday, October 15, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Butterflies....Oh my!

What have your children decided to dress up as for Halloween? 

Yuliya has decided she is a purple butterfly. We are still putting this one together results to follow on Halloween!

While Cash was taken with the idea to be a "little lion" so I did what any loving mother would do...I made sure he had a lion costume.

This past weekend the children were insistent that they suit up, so of course I let them.
Ready to have a Purple butterfly and "little lion" as company for the rest of the weekend.


Ever since he put the costume on, he is insistent that he's a...

(you're killin me!)
"RAWRR!! Momma!!"

They both insist that he is in fact a tiger...he is just missing his stripes and is unusually furry around the head. No amount of convincing will sway these children, and I have extremely credible sources.

Que sera sera.....

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