Monday, September 17, 2012

A girl can dream

What makes you feel All American Classic?

Eating hot dogs at a ballgame?
Drive in movies? 
Tossing the football around on thanksgiving? (long standing tradition from dad)

For me, one of those...."Ah this feels like the good ol' days American girl in a sweeter time" is eating ice cream out of a cone and listening to classic rock. Not that experience this combination often mind you..

But the other night date night(ohh lala) Keifer and I went out for sushi and ice cream. On the drive home classic rock purred through the car speakers as I savored my ice cream and waffle cone. 

I paused and thought...this feels a classic All American moment. Like apple pie at church picnics or carhops at drive ins and boys asking girls to go steady instead of go out. Mentally aging each car I encountered 60 years back I imagined living then, what our city looked like then, what I really would have been listening to. Our current interstates being beyond a belief, less traffic for sure right? At the very least a very lovely wardrobe.
And suddenly I was home.

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