Monday, September 24, 2012

New Orleans

We visited the wild wonderful city of New Orleans this weekend. We took a short trip from Thursday morning to Saturday evening walking as many miles as we could through the boisterous city.

We ate as much Cajun as we could. We had gumbo for breakfast, catfish and grits, french toast on french bread, Hurricanes, an amazing spinach crepe, beignets, etouffee and sweet potato pies.  Being my first time to eat oysters I think we went all out. e tried as many as we could each prepared a different way.  We had them raw, bbq'd and grilled, my favorite being raw.

Of course we had to make a stop at the ever famous Cafe Du Monde that has been around since 1860! And oh how delightful those beignets were.

After our first day of walking all over the city my piggies were screaming, specifically the big guys. After a little bit of complaining my dashing guy suggested we take our shoes off and walk barefoot...
now this thought had been in my head for sometime...
I had picked the wrong shoes for this walk and my toes were not going to let me forget it. My only concern was...well we were on some pretty dirty streets...
aching feet, dirty feet which was it going to be....
it was a struggle. 
But when Keith so kindly offered to go barefoot with me so I wouldn't look completely foolish on my own, I was one joyful girl. So we took on Jazz night, eating crepes and walking back to our hotel barefoot with a few silly looks. 

It was completely worth it.

A souvenir we brought home...feels super neat.

A few sights we saw....

Loved this little yellow house!
I am not sure I could love the old architecture more. 
I adore cities that keep their history and culture alive. 

Riding a trolley along the river, with a pretty hairpiece Keith purchased in the French Quarter.
We played slot machines and video poker at the casino, at one point I was up! $25 but of course as it goes...I ran out and we left empty handed. 
On our way out of the city...we might have been exhausted :)
A great trip out of the way. 
We made it to the airport pretty early and spent a while reading...and biting ones nails. 

The best trip yet, we arrived home on Saturday night with time to relax and catch up around the house before heading back to work for another work week. Next up Charleston!

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