Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cool Front

Hey we went out to our land again this weekend! 
And we worked the land like a couple of people that do not sit at desks all day…. we really worked! How lucky we were that our pre-planned weekend happened to fall on the first cool front of the season.

Keith built two dams in one of our creeks.  I trekked around the property and snapped photos. I kept saying, "I wish I had taken photos the first time we looked at the property there was nothing out here!" Really, it was depression era sand bowls with silent black crispy trees looming over the land, debris from the no longer existent house and one brick walkway.  Now it seems our land is bursting  verdantly, flowering vines petitioning to enchant the creaking bones of once fertile trees and small splashes of color hiding beneath the weeds.
Empty canopy
A look down one of the driveways
Chimney on a scorched empty hill top.
These guys found me after not too long. The black and white one absolutely loved me and kept guard over me from "The bad man with the hat" (Keith)
Little white dog says...this guy's not too bad
The start of Keith's rock dam
Pretty burned tree
Woodsy manly man does manly things in the woods...
Like haul rocks
And chop down trees
And sweat like manly men do...with cougar pride!
While yours truly pushed over 15 to 20ft tall trees, ooh rah! It was slightly difficult, but oh so much fun. As the property is scorched most of the trees are completely dead and pose the threat of crashing down at any given moment, especially on this slightly windy weekend. I took to clearing a path along the creek where we could easily jump down in it but also not fear trees falling on us.  Don’t worry I only took out the dead ones.  Here was me pulling over an oak, which I learned are much more difficult than pines...It kicked my butt. 
Falling on my rear.
Keith hauls my trees away...thank you dear

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