Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 History lesson

If not already, this will be in books for our children as part of US history, something we lived through for us to pass on.  For those of you with children younger than 15, have you and how did you explain what happened 11 years ago on September 11th? I for one have never really approached this subject I figured it might be a little difficult to explain to children that have little concept of death, planes, and ill intent(beyond blankie theft) But when Yuliya came home from school with this little number…

There was an airplane crashing on the building and my teacher says she went there before. They broke on fire. People came to help”

I did my best to answer her questions.

The three of us sat at the dinner table and discussed:

  • What the buildings were named: World trade center
  • We discussed why the planes flew into the buildings: Because in their life there is no such thing as a villain unless you count momma making you eat something “disgusting” for dinner. The best I could do was paint a picture of the bad guys from tangled flying the planes into buildings, where planes are not supposed to go.
  • We discussed who helped: Fire fighters, civilians, victims, and police
  • Working in unity for one common goal 
  • We discussed how the buildings broke and that they couldn't be put back together.
  • Why we remember and honor this day and days like it.
  • And finally…how long 11 years is to a 3 and 5 year old.

In the end Yuliya seemed very satisfied with my answers and her dinner. 

Glad the little ones now understand their first piece of history.

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