Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boys only!

Creating a boys only room......

3 boys and a girl in one room needed to come to an end....
Surprisingly bed time wasn't too bad unless the boys decided to wrestle. But everyone needed a little more room. So we finally found a set of bunk beds we liked, wood with built in book shelves and could become two separate beds not to mention a steal of a price off of craigslist. 
First step was to primer and paint them. I picked out a lovely shade of yellow that Keith was not overly thrilled about at first. 

Next step was to primer and paint the soon to be bedroom. I was sad to paint over the happy yellow walls, but excited to give the boys an enchanting space. 

On a whim we painted the upper portion of the room and ceiling a sky blue, lower portion yellowish green and a mountain scene. Originally we had only picked out the lower color to go on the walls. As we were prepping I was looking at all of the paint colors stowed away in the garage and came across the other two colors, and a vintage outdoor feeling was born. Next up is the to frame a few pictures out of our vintage national parks calendar. 

The boys just love their new room. We still read our night time books in the girls room, the place of gathering(and the dim able light) Yuliya received a fancy new night light for the nights she decides she can sleep alone. 

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