Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter rain

It flooded across Houston yesterday, here are a few photos of what we saw from our office.  
Above you see a red chair in the intersection. I work off of Harwin which is laced with a plethora of shops, a bulk of which carry furniture. A fair portion of those furniture vendors have certain pieces sitting curb side to draw customers in to view merchandise.Only....when it floods we seem to have a variety of couches and chairs floating down Harwin.
See the picture at the bottom left for what this intersection normally looks like
The dog park we take Soldier to is also a lake, but I am still very happy for the rain. It started raining over night sunday/monday and did not stop until afternoon. Anything to move us out of the drought. Sorry to all that lost their cars to the flood yesterday.


  1. I really wish someone had been sitting in that chair as it floated down the road.

  2. What...not a single person "rafting"???



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