Monday, January 16, 2012

A day downtown

One day we decided to park at Mai's and take the train to the aquarium. Sam and Cash love trains. Sam is an authority and Cash is just now developing the love, so they both enjoyed riding on one. The aquarium is a few blocks off of the stop so we ventured through the city a little.

It was a perfect chilly day, just warm enough to have fun.
Playing follow the leader they made their own way through the city. It may have taken a little longer than a normal path but it was far more entertaining.
Everyone posing in front of a statue

Sam shows us is booboo
As is typical, once all the big kids clear out Cash gets to conquer the statue.
We found a few neat fountains we never knew existed
Ran around while I stood in line for tickets
I loved the starfish. I have never seen any quite so fat!
I never knew they had a tiger exhibit in the Aquarium Downtown. It was pretty neat. Yuliya loves "touching" the animals when she can, she also does this at the chimp exhibit at the zoo.  This tiger was really neat pacing the length of this window over and over again. A few minutes after sitting down a small baby and her father came to the glass next to us, suddenly the tiger narrowed her pace to just in front of the baby. When the dad and the baby were ready to go he picked her up and...
The tiger went berserk, she jumped up on her hind legs and clawed at the glass as fast as she could.
The dad, baby and tiger repeated this once more to "test it out".  The tiger repeated her actions each time.
So the question is...
Was she protecting the baby? Or was it her food?

P.S. sorry the picture of her jumping turned out so crummy

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