Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marcel the Shell

This video is super cute.

Via Nie here she mentions a book to go with it, I would like to find it.

I have not uploaded pictures from the past week yet, we had a busy weekend.

The weekend was spent with Keith's brothers, Willeford times three. We were almost never at home zooming from the farmers market to the airport, out to eat, to visiting Houston landmarks. We went out to eat a lot this weekend...a lot. We went to the Rockets/Spurs game (go Rockets! 6 in a row) Willefords are from SA so it was interesting for all of us. We visited the new Dynamo Stadium where Keith and Jason had their first run on the field. They also "drove" a train next to Minute Maid. We did plenty of things this weekend to keep us ever occupied and/or in the car.... including going to Hermann Park.

Hermann Park
Living in Houston there are plenty of changes that one can be unaware of until you stumble on them. Houston lost 66 million trees last summer. That's about 10% of our trees, our trees once at about 663 million work to remove over 60,000 tons of air pollution per year. I think many may have read this in recent articles but to see it was much different. Hermann and Memorial parks are forever changed in landscape, in just a small area we could see at least 20 mature pines that had to be taken down. I myself have sought shelter and the comfort of shade under many of those branches on hot summer days. I can't imagine how relentless the sun will be this summer without those trees.

Go here to volunteer or donate. New trees need planting! Type in Houston, TX

Slightly related to that I joined Transition Houston this week! We will be doing a "Tour de coop" (touring of urban chicken coops) this Saturday.

We also may have taken Scott to Whole Earth to read books and play with toys....the masks don't really ever get old. Last time we played with the masks

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