Monday, January 9, 2012

Enjoying the lights

After Christmas we decided to drive around and check out the lights Houstonians had adorned their houses and yards with

Have you ever seen the Christmas lights in River Oaks?

They make you feel like a kid in a magical world
I highly recommend it.

There's also the tree in Sharpstown Keith and I dubbed "The Tree of Death" . I realize I've never done a great job at capturing the complete charm of this tree, not even a full shot of the tree itself, but I can explain it to you. :)
It's a full grown magnolia taller than any of my 37 year old oak trees
EVERY branch is decked with white lights on it all the way to the leaves budding off making each leaf look almost golden.
There are massive ornaments on it, some are the size of my hand and some are bigger than a basketball. Big and small they all hang on clear string or wire giving off an appearance of floating with the tree (I like to stand directly under it and look straight up, hence the tree of death)
Red bows garnish the branches and ornaments.
A field of poinsettias glowing a deep red from the light above hugs the trunk proudly 
And last but not least, there is a great star perched right at the very tip top of the majestic magnolia
I am in awe of this tree...can you tell?

He found an ornament he could touch. :)

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