Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun with cousins

Recent trips to the zoo with Miss Alyssa and Aunt Amy and to the Childrens Museum with Aunt Tara, Madison, Jackson and Kaitlyn. Unfortunately this was the weekend that Amy and Alyssa had a stomach bug, so while we had fun at the zoo, Alyssa was back to being sick at night. She made a full recovery though, and is chattier than ever! Madison is starting to become a preteen and outgrow all of the "kid" stuff. But I think she still had fun with us :)
All three kids in the double stroller. We live on the edge.
When this chimp came and sat down Cash moved far away but Yuliya stayed to bond. Good Chimps eat their brocolli and greens. This is also where Amy quietly did her monkey impression seen here
Does this count as a picture of all of them?
All of the Lehrs snowboarding on a virtual mountain
Kaitlyn the daredevil, she happened to be the only one wearing appropriate shoes and good thing too, she really wanted to climb that wall. Pretty good for a three year old!

Artistic Madison did cat faces on Kaitlyn and herself.
Tara did a hilarious dog face on Jackson.
And they all put on a wonderful puppet show :)

The End.

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