Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Nothing totally blogworthy I just liked the pictures we took, but we did have fun. One of Tara's friends rented out a room for her birthday and ordered two massive pizza's, really, I've never seen a pizza so big. Over all we had a good time, we all needed a night out.
 Tara really put her heart into her singing.
We did not plan wearing black to white from oldest to youngest. ha!

Amy said I didn't have my eyes open wide enough....

And then she took this  picture! muahahahaha

On a different note:
I was able to wait for 10 minutes, yes, I said 10 minutes for 15 High Schoolers to get on bus 402 this morning because the bus driver for bus 402 felt that whatever speech she was giving each teenager at 6:35am before they were allowed to get on her bus was
A. Important enough to pull out her stop signs for.
B. Important enough to create a traffic jam where there previously had been no issue.
I have no doubt all of those kids were late to school today, as I was to work. I understand that dealing with 40 plus teenagers daily probably isnt a picnic, but a little consideration goes a long way.

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