Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Fall

This week brought us massive storm clouds, lightening streaming across the sky almost blinding me and Tara on the way to art class, wonderfully lucious raindrops, and cool temperatures. We moved from triple digit weather to a high of 85, thank goodness. On thursday I was at the garden center when the sky was turning darker, and darker, and darker, almost black at 4:30 in the afternoon. But rain, I am not afraid, I missed it this summer, so I kept on strolling through the garden center feeling each ice cold drop of water jump on my skin and plummet to the ground and plants surrounding me.
I love rain.
I love fall.
Big fat orange pumpkins and gords! I love pumpkins as decorations, as plants in my garden, in my food, and in my drinks, if you can think of any others, I probably would love them that way too! They are just so jolly, a beautiful way to make this girl grin.
I love spring as well, but fall gives off such romantic colors, don't you think?

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