Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve it rained....

All day....

but we still went to Uncle Darwin's anyway, hats in hand.(or on heads)

Did you know I get very car sick, very easily? So while it works out to put the hats on the dash, it makes me want to hurl. The only thing I can come up with is that part of my vision is seeing something still where the rest is moving? Not sure...any how the kids took advantage of me putting mine and Keith's hats in the back seat.  I thought it was pretty darn cute.

Yuliya, Taylor, Kaitlyn and Cash.
Yuliya and Taylor were pretty inseparable. They would run circles around the house, it was like watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

One loop you would see Yuliya following Taylor, the next loop they made you would see Taylor following Yuliya. Not knowing how or when they switched.
And Mr. Cash man had about 10 cookies! Every time I turned around he had another one in his hand....sneaky sneaky!

Thank you Uncle Darwin and Aunt Kathy for the wonderful gifts, the kids love them. I especially love them. It was great to spend time with you all.

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