Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas day a few days late...

The kids slept until 7, instead of the semi regular 5am wake up call. Merry Christmas to momma.
Stocking opening, Yuliya is very proud of her new scarf and wears it everywhere. I have yet to find one for Cash, but he is desperately wanting to wear scarves like his Yuliya and Momma.
Hmm....what to play with first. Look at all the princesses!
As for Cash his big gift was the emergency respond team, including a fire truck with a massive ladder. See the book behind Cash? Keith and I exchanged presents the night before, the book is one of the gifts I received. When the kids woke up on Christmas morning I could hear them whispering about Santa. When I came out they said...."Look Santa came and he brought this really big book" Like this was the extent of magical gifts :)
Oh and the emergency team had a helicopter in it.....Keith's favorite part. Yes 32 year old men will still run around with a helicopter zooming through the air and make noises to match.
Aunt Tara and Family gave Cash a super hero costume a few weeks ago, but I thought it's pretty stinkin cute that Cash was riding around on his bike in his Christmas sweater with the mask on.

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