Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas lists

Have you seen your kids lists yet? Or made your own? Here are the kids Christmas lists just for your viewing pleasure, I wrote them as they dictated, and they signed their names and drew pictures

Yuliya's is pretty self explanatory, below she drew a picture of an elephant next to a person with buttons on their shirt. As well as her name with "a really big Y"

Cash asked for:
  • A Christmas tree
  • Christmas(he just wants the day to come in general)
  •  A monkey
  • A-B-C-D
  • A phone
  • Crackers(of course!)
  • The sun (do you think he's ready for it to be warm again?)
  • And last but not least....milk.

I translated the letters that he said he was writing in purple.
Below his name he mentioned a few select letters as he was coloring, so sorry I can not remember the order.
Middle row looks like H N N I
The bottom row kind of looks like D A V I G D...what is he trying to tell us?

Our letters are now safely tucked in our letters to Santa holder on the tree. Hopefully he stops by sometime this week and takes a gander.

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