Wednesday, December 21, 2011

That time again

Remember flipping through haircut books trying to figure out what cut you wanted, pointing to about six and then changing your mind when you get to the seat? Yuliya was able to do that for the first time yesterday. See her finger pointing?

In case you are wondering what she is craning her neck to see. It was the Scissor Sharpener that stopped in while we were there.

Below is Yuliya's before shot.

Pretty neat cape :)
The man sharpening scissors gave us all pink carnations before he left. Cash was extremely proud of his flower and sat beaming as we watched Yuliya get her hair cut.
Finished product!

Also after her haircut we went out to eat. A few minutes after we sat down a man and his wife sat down across from us. The man was older with a full white beard and happened to be wearing a red sweatshirt. The kids were so excited to see "Santa". He got a kick out of them watching him like a celebrity, giggling and talking about Santa all through dinner.
Yuliya trying not to be obvious that she was staring at "Santa"

P.S. "Santa eats all of his dinner."

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