Friday, December 23, 2011

What did you do

Over the break?

This is how we kicked off our Winter break...
We played with Cody

Yours truly's foot tree

Yuliya's hand/foot Rudolph

We painted Christmas paintings...
Cash's Rudolph hand/foot painting

Yuliya's Christmas tree foot painting
Cash's Christmas tree

We broke in Aunt Amy's new house....don't you love Alyssa's bedhead?

They both had bed head

Isn't it funny how once they learn to run, walking is never acceptable anymore...both kids run everywhere. Yuliya had a blast playing in Aunt Amy's new house. She kept telling us each room was her house and we were allowed come play.

And we definitely watched tv with Miss Alyssa.

 It was such a nice relaxing day before the excitment of cooking and opening presents.

More to come....

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