Sunday, October 30, 2011

Charelston Part 3....but really Myrtle Beach

On Sunday morning we went out to Myrtle Beach. It was nice, the sand was cool and the sun was warm. There was a tiny "creek" of water passing just above the shore where we could rinse off our shell finds before we put them safely in my hand. (this was mainly Sammy's job)
Jack drew pictures in the sand while the rest of us looked for shells.

I had another Gyro on the beach...what can I say..I had a craving this weekend.

It's funny how immediately as we hit the sand they both laid down in it.

Sam shell hunting
We met up with Lynsae, Cody, Jordan, Christy, and Connor for lunch on the boardwalk(which by the way is not the boardwalk that is on the beach....who knew) Behind us is one of the ripley's upside down buildings. Below us were massive hungry fish that you could pay a quarter to feed as the fought to the surface for a pellet of food. It makes you reflect a lot to see those wide mouthed scaley water pigeons flop and fight so close to eachother that the ducks could almost use them as a boardwalk . But the kids enjoyed it.
After lunch we went to Surfside beach...guess who laid down as soon as we hit sand? :)

The water was ICE cold once it hit your ankles, it literally made you shudder. Sam went all the way to his knees!
One more post and I promise I'm done :)

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