Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday!

Sometimes I can hardly wait for fridays, this week is one of those.

On Tuesday a park on our side of town caught on fire and stressed me out all night. We had hot ash falling like snow all over the front yard.  I watered down the front yard and roof, but it was absolutely unnerving to think about the miles of completely dead grass and dying trees in the reservior and park between my house and the fire. Hoping all night a hot ash wouldn't come to life in that field. Luckily this fire was contained

 I only had to give soldier TWO baths this week. His new favorite thing is rolling in the sand (was dirt, but the backyard hasnt been watered all this dry dry summer) in the backyard and then promptly shake off that coat of sand recreating the 1930's dust bowl in my kitchen. He is now under strict supervision, go outside, do your business, and back inside with you!

But today is friday, and what does that mean? It means going out to eat with my sisters tonight.

It means waking up on my own at 7 instead of the mechanical alarm clock sound going off in my ear at 5:30 tomorrow morning.
It means early mornings with cool air and soft sun at the farmers market, where I'll get fresh bread and goat cheese for lunch later.
Rooting for Madison at her volleyball game. Visiting an off the grid farm, and taking soldier to the dog park.

Fridays are my gateways to relaxation, alone time or family time, less stress, more time, more time to feel the warm sun on my skin and my babies cuddle in my lap.

Happy Friday today :)

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