Thursday, September 8, 2011


We all have these small rituals we had as a kid that we secretly never drop. Whether its waiting until you eat your whole fortune cookie before you read it or playing games with your shadow. Touching the roof of the car under a yellow light or a train, holding your breath past a cemetery or looking at the clouds for shapes and stories like a felt board. One of mine is I try to imagine how tall I would be next to the letters on a billboard or the stars on a massive flying flag. Could I sit scrunched up inside the shipleys donut or stand under the arches of a golden m? Maybe if I squint I can see myself up there in between a few stars. What game did you still play?
I think I would come just above his knee

P.S. For more updates on the fires go here for montgomery
or here for bastrop
These fires are still burning after 5 days peoples houses and every possesion lost, please don't forget to donate, all houston fire stations are now accepting supply donations. Red cross is accepting monetary donations.
Things you can give:
canned food
bottled waters
Tylenol/Advil/pain relievers
baby food
trash cans/trash bags
laundry detergent

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