Sunday, September 4, 2011

San Antonio

Keith and I went to San Antonio this labor day weekend. We stayed at the menger hotel. I forgot my SD card, so for now most of my pictures(not many) are stuck on my camera. I will update this post later with more pictures. For now I'll just tell you about the nearly 150 yr old haunted hotel we stayed in!The Menger!
It has a pretty amazing history you can read here.
Or book here
"The hotel also holds the unofficial title of "The Most Haunted Hotel in Texas." The Menger claims to host 32 different spirits."
The hotel is right next door to the Alamo. Remember the Alamo! In it's history it has had many additions, walking through it is living in a time warp. I recommend at least walking through the lobby next time you are in San Antonio. :)

Old style telephone booths at the hotel.

River boat tour

Breakfast at Mi Terra, with his family, no thats not his family, but I was a little distracted :)

Breakfast was great, but lunch the day before was amazing, we learned a new way to make guacamole!

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