Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Light the Night Walk

As most of you know Yuliya's name comes from a great family friend Yuliya Marcer. Yuliya, her husband Andy and my dad used to ride and talk motorcycles together. Her daughter Sasha had leukemia during the time my dad had lymphoma so cancer and motorcycles brought our families closer together.  I received this letter from Yuliya M. this morning and would like to pass it on, since most of you have met, are friends, or have heard of them. Please take a moment to read, donate, or just remember Sasha. Thank you!

"Each year for the past several years my family and I have walked in memory of my daughter Sasha at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Light The Night Walk. This year the Woodlands walk falls on Sunday, October 23rd, one day after what would have been Sasha 15th birthday, and I am writing to ask for your support.

We walk once a year in hopes that one day, one day very soon, no more kids and their families would have to got through this. Light The Night is a special night, celebrating and commemorating lives touched by cancer. And as this year has already shown with very promising gene therapy trials for CML in part funded by LLS, your help makes a great difference!

Please consider making a donation to LLS on behalf of our team and in memory and honor of Sasha and all those who suffered from blood cancers. To join me in the Walk or to donate online, please visit: http://pages.lightthenight.org/txg/Woodland11/ymarcerrmz.

LLS is the single largest nonprofit contributor to blood cancer research – more than $750 million has been invested in life-saving science.
Critical treatment innovations have originated through blood cancer research – radiation, chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation, and new targeted therapies. Nearly 50% of all FDA approved cancer drugs in the past decade were for blood cancer. Many are now being tested for other cancers and other illnesses.
Last year over 40,000 patients received financial assistance from LLS totaling over $6 million. And LLS provides information and support to patients and their caregivers all free. And to help patients during this time of crisis, LLS' financial aid and co-pay programs are critically important.

Thank you for your friendship and support. I hope you can join us at the Light The Night Walk in the Woodlands on Sunday, October 23rd, at 5.30 pm, and walk with my family and the Nabors team. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any details.

Thank you,

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