Sunday, September 25, 2011

alyssa's first time at discovery green

We took our cousin Alyssa to Discovery Green to play in the water field. We didn't know there would be a bike rally.....okay okay it wasn't bikers as in Hell's Angels, it was much better than that, a bunch of dorky bikers with reflective vest on riding for Habitat for Humanity. :) The kids had fun watching them depart from the park for their ride.
Alyssa loved the water
long morning...dazed out, ready for a nap
crackers? crackers? this is what cash does if I bring a purse or a bag anywhere, he knows I'm always packin' and he wants his crackers. Today I could hardly get him to play because he was so interested in his crackers.
Ah, let's go antique shopping. "Okay momma"

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