Monday, September 19, 2011


A little rain around here, big fat rain drops! It was great to see rain on Saturday and Sunday after our long summer of no rain. It didn't stop the city at all, houston was proud of the rain everyone was walking around still enjoying being outside. Oh how we have missed that element of weather :) It rained 1.5 inches in houston this weekend, not nearly enough to pull us out of the drought, but geez it was nice to see, and feel on your skin. It was pretty icy cold. Soldier's dust bowls are on hold for now, has turned into copious amounts of muddy paw prints painted across the hardwood floors. A girl can't keep her house clean this summer it seems.  It was also museum district day. :) Free museum passes!
Keith was really excited about this.

Oh also, I had a pumpkin smoothie from jamba juice.....yum!

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