Sunday, April 3, 2011


The kids are old enough now! And honestly Cash is now getting to the age where he will just let his sister do all the cleaning while he pretends he cant hear us. So we started them on commissions 2 weeks ago, following Dave Ramsey's advice. The max they can earn in a week is $5, any chores beyond 5 are because you are a part of the family and families work together. But since they are 4 and under 2, its sporadic, mainly used as a motivator and starting to understand, if you work, you get paid! Yuliya has earned $3 in commissions so far, as all three times I have given them the opportunity earn commissions she has been eager to do the work. Cash has earned $1. We make a show about getting commissions, and how special it is, folding your dollar up and putting it in your very own piggy bank. I think he won't stand for not earning his share for very long. Here are pictures of the very first commissions they earned.  Sorry about the picture quality, I didn't realize I had a smudge on my lenses until  after these were uploaded.

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