Monday, April 4, 2011

Spider Bites

Today Yuliya was on the phone with her Aunt Amy telling her all about what its like to be the ripe old age of 4. And what kind of tests they put you through at the dr. (I can't wait to see her reaction the first time she hears about a mammogram.) Anyway I found it kind of amusing when she told my sister that while she was at the Dr. "a spider bit me three times" you can hear Amy on the other end clarifying "....a spider?" "yes, a spider at the dr it bit me" and then I thought about it for second. When the nurse went to give her her shots, she asked me to lay across Yuliya's stomach and hold her hands down so she wouldn't see it coming. So to Yuliya, she was randomly feeling pain that went away as soon as we left, much like bug bites. She gave herself away with the spider bite comment, for two days my little actress limped like Tiny Tim when you asked her to do something.

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