Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my youngest older sister Amy! I hope you had a great day, I hope you were pampered by Matt and Alyssa gave you the best slobbery kisses and least amount of spit up yet.

Random facts about Amy on her special day
She was born on Friday the 13th and that crazy day stuck with her sense of humor

Amy, loves getting a good deal on something, she loves the thrill of hunting for it.

She does the best monkey impression, it can make you laugh, although sometimes kids that dont know her take a few steps back :) (If I had a photo of this, I promise I would post it)

She is a stay at home mom which gives her plenty of time to teach her daughter to be a monkey. Will I be suprised if thats the first animal Alyssa knows how to imitate? no.

Happy Birthday to you mimi. Love from us. :)

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