Monday, August 22, 2011

Nice belt

This weekend my sister Tara moved into a new house. It's pretty neat how they were able to find a house so similar to the one they live in and yet different enough, I love it. The yard is massive! Both the front and back yards are big enough for a good game of football. She lives about 10 min closer to us now, which should make for easier visits with cousins. I only wish I had taken pictures of at least the yard....but next time I go I will, promise :) She would probably prefer I post pictures of an unpacked house anyway.  While Tara and Andre were busy moving on Saturday, my sister Amy babysat their oldest daughter Madison, who is almost a preteen.... Okay its true she's only 9, but you can already hear a little preteen coming out. She's dead set on not sharing a room with her 3 year old sister anymore because it interupts her reading before bed, as well as many other complaints that toddlers and 4th graders do not mix.  Good luck Madi! Sharing a room with your brother might come with a few cons too. Before taking Madison back to the new house we went to lunch.....and Alyssa told me a secret......

She's a Super Hero Sidekick! Who knew? They really do grow up so fast.

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