Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List

For some reason I am unable to get this thing to flip 

Summer is over, we say good bye! and here is our final tally from the summer bucket list. This is what we were able to accomplish in 3 sweet (hot) summer months this year.  

And how much fun it was!

We were able to walk away with only a handful of items left to accomplish for the rest of the year :)  And many stories and memories to last us until next summer. Thank you to all that helped us make our summer as magical as possible.


We did not see a single Ice Cream truck all this a thing of the past? 

If you can not read it, we were able to cross off

Nature walk
run in sprinklers
donuts for breakfast
splash pad
play at park
bubble blowing
go to the movies
write a story
bake granola bars
face paint
hide and seek
watch fireworks
write a letter and mail it
go bowling
roll down a hill(many times)
paint rocks with crayons
photo shoot
movie marathon in pajamas
go to an Astros game
make smoothies
plant plants
breakfast for dinner
farmers market
go to the beach
ride bikes
flash cards
bake cookies with friends
play with animals at CAPS
play soccer
board games
Blue Bell Tour
Kids plan dinner
fly kites
dress up
eat watermelon
make a collage
have an unbirthday party
walk Soldier
write a haiku
discovery green
Dynamo game

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