Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Final Days

We took these photos in the final days before my sister's family moved into their new flipped house. Something we loved about this house was the massive yard, it was great for lawn games...even the ones we made up. On our final visit Keith and the kids made up a game of croquet where you had to hit the ball around each tree and make your way back to the house the fastest...all running at the same time! The first few times Keith won. I resolved that the kids needed a little inspiration. So we determined that whoever won would get to draw whatever they wanted on the losers face.
She drew an L for LOSER!

The second best thing we used the lawn for that day was to throw freshly cut grass at Keith...Check out Katie laying in the grass, making grass angels(only in Texas) before she rises with inspiration to take down Keith wish as much grass as she can hold. Protect the fort!


She got him!

(NOTE: Katie is in a bathing suit, not because we swam that day...but simply because she chose to stay outfitted in this all summer)

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