Sunday, July 5, 2015

Days 3 and 4 in the Pacific Northwest

We attempted two family water fountains, both were closed. As a last ditch effort we found this fun fountain...that did not allow swimming. On to hike a waterfall!
Believe it or not, we actually do reserve hotel rooms big enough for the entire family! For some reason they gravitate towards the same bed every time!
Over used words on this trip "wow, beautiful, amazing, awesome, incredible" and yet at the same time...not used enough!
Paradise trail on Mt Rainier

This hike is no joke, it is virtually straight up for the first few hundred feet. On our way back down a party of adults passed us at the bottom of the trail and said "Oh, if those little kids can do it, we can do it!" :) Our littles happen to be pretty stellar hikers.
Rock cell was a difficult trail, we may have lost our minds a bit!
A view from above
Don't mind us, we are all in OSU gear at UW!

Talk about a stunning campus! This has been my absolute favorite campus so far. The weather was great, the buildings are intricate and the's glorious!

External view of the library, see Mt. Rainier in the distance?!
We rode a ferry to Bainbridge Island, our home for the next couple of nights!
Good bye Seattle (for now)
Hello Bainbridge Island!

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