Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school!

First day of school here! We have not so patiently been waiting for a minimum of 9 months for this day to arrive. Hallelujah its here! We were all excited....
Except for Cash...who was definitely distraught over the process
and was adamant that he was NOT going to preschool
We had time to plan for this day of course, so I woke up bright and early as we prepared for the day I asked her what she wanted me to make her for breakfast. 

She said "Just give me a bag with cereal in it and I will eat it on the way. Let's go!"

I assured her that we had plenty of time before school started (almost an hour and a half)  and asked her again. "Just cereal in a bag, I want to go!
After much assuring that we would NOT be late she finally agreed to french toast and eggs, a fantastic choice. :)
After eating it was only 7:25 and school does not start until 8:10....but as ever she was unyeilding with her requests to go to school. 
So we did.
Her dad, grandmother and myself were able to walk her to school bright and early.
We made it there by 7:40 and had time to sit in the cafeteria before they opened the doors to classes. This meant a lot of fidgeting and checking and double checking of things. 

Lunch in there?
Gifts for my teacher?
Branch I saw on the way home :)

Too excited not to smile
She insisted that we put her teachers gift in the picture...
See behind us??
Finally they released us to classes where she immediately found her name and sat down.
After a few minutes she started to realize...we were not going to be staying with her and suddenly she could not let go of me.
Mom you are staying right...
After school she enjoyed a little only child time with me while I looked over the mountain of paper work they send home on the first day.   But soon enough it was time to pick up Cash from preschool.

 Once we had him along side us we finished the night honoring our first day of school with iced and sprinkled donuts for dinner.

Still brooding a tiny bit.

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